"The only integrator with all the real transactional and market information."

- Dr. Fernando Lascurain Farell, @AMDA

The most powerful platform in the automotive industry 🚗

All the tools you need to put your business on autopilot. Buying and selling pre-owned cars has never been so simple.

All the tools you need to put your business on autopilot. Buying and selling pre-owned cars has never been so simple.

Proudly serving the best

The players more industry's most technologically advanced companies work with Intelimotor.


Applications, Integrations, Custom Software Development, Training, Consulting, all in one place.


Choose the applications you need and build your new operating system.
Intelimotor you will create your customized platform and tailored to the evolution of your business.


New application to quote and buy cars from your site!


Value pre-owned cars based on the real market, ensuring a smart purchase and a profitable investment.

Inventory (PIM)

Manage your inventory in one place, all actions, reports and records will be stored in one place, from valuation to sale.


Publish and manage your cars on all the classified portals you manage such as Mercado Libre, Facebook, Seminuevos.com, Segundamano, Soloautos, Autocosmos, your website and more.


Continuously monitor the positioning of your inventory in the market and keep it competitive to generate more leads and close more sales.


Integrate communication with all your prospects from different portals, websites and social networks in one place. Answer by different means such as email, calls, Facebook and WhatsApp.


Automate your sales force with lead management, customisable funnels, campaign measurement, activities, tasks, sales agendas, autoresponders and more.


Analyse your business in one place with interactive dashboards, automated reports, dashboards, trends, and recurring reports.


Build your website with an online shop in less than 1 day; Automate publications and manage your prospects from Intelimotor along with the rest of your business.

Market Intelligence

New application to analyze the state of the general car market (in Beta)!

Coming soon...

New application on the way!

Intelimotor UNO

Looking for a single system to manage your entire business? Meet Intelimotor UNO.


Choose and/or build the integrations your business needs to automate your workflows.
We have many integrations already developed, and open APIs to integrate your favorite applications.


Intelimotor includes many "out of the box" integrations, in other words, ready to use. Connecting your apps to Intelimotor can be as simple as logging into your account from Intelimotor, and they are integrated.


At Intelimotor, we are constantly working on new integrations - and we will never stop doing that. But aside from that, we are proud to share that we have also developed open APIs for your business to connect and perform any integration.

Real-Market API

Access the power of real market data and integrate it into your favourite applications with the first and only valuation API on the market.


Choose the training and business consulting services you need.

Designing flawless software is only one part of our job; helping them master and exploit it is the other.

Open Trainings

Open Trainings are designed to introduce or refresh your team and give them the tools they need to know the most important of their new tools.

Personalised Training

Our customised training programmes are designed to train your team and give them the tools they need to unleash the power of Intelimotor much faster and stay ahead of the competition on a continuous basis.

Business consultancy

Whether you're new to software and testing the waters with Intelimotor, or you're a veteran looking to expand your knowledge, we've got you covered. Request consulting sessions with any of our industry experts, let's talk about your business and work together to meet your goals.


Turn your idea into a realityxploring your project with our innovation and engineering team.

At Intelimotor we are passionate about innovation, the more disruptive the better. 

Customised Integrations

Our applications can be integrated with any system, that is the advantage of Intelimotor's open APIs. However, if you do not have the engineers to perform the integration you are looking to develop, and you require a technological arm to help you integrate your favourite applications and solutions, Intelimotor can help you.

Custom Software

If you have an idea for new software or new functionality particular to your business that you want to develop, we can collaborate and help turn your idea into a reality. Contact our team to start exploring and support you on your innovation journey.

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Contact our team to get started.

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