See the pre-owned cars that sell on average within 31 days of being announced (2021 - Mexico).


It may not feel like it, but 2021 is almost over. Many of the cars, trucks and SUVs with the best turnover so far this year are predictable, but there are some big sellers on this list that may surprise you.

Here are some of the cars with fast turnover, which tend to sell out in less than a month, according to Intelimotor.

In 15th place, we have the Nissan Frontier.

Average turnover: 31 days

The Nissan Frontier is a great truck, so it's no surprise to see it on this list. Due to its high demand, the Nissan Frontier usually spends no more than 31 days advertised before being sold.

#14 Toyota Sienna

Average turnover: 30 days

In the #14 spot we have the Toyota Sienna, one of the best family vans with a fairly quick time to market.

#13 Mazda CX-5

Average turnover: 30 days

Tied in turnover days with the Toyota Sienna is the Mazda CX-5, a beautiful futuristic SUV for every type of buyer.

#12 Seat Ibiza

Average turnover: 29 days

At #12 we have the famous Seat Ibiza, a fun and functional car with a nimble turnover averaging 29 days.

#11 Kia Sportage

Average turnover: 28 days

The Kia Sportage is an amazing truck. Because of its functionality, comfort, style and price, the Sportage typically spends no more than 28 days in dealer inventory before being sold.

#10 Jeep Renegade

Average turnover: 28 days

In the #10 spot, tied with the Kia Sportage, we have a Jeep pickup truck, the big Renegade. A truck for the family, but also for the adventure and nature lover.

#9 Chevrolet Colorado

Average turnover: 28 days

With 28 days of turnover, like the Kia Sportage and Jeep Renegade, the Chevrolet Colorado tends to sell very quickly, being one of the best pick-ups on the market.

#8 Honda HR-V

Average turnover: 26 days

The first and only Honda car on the list, the HR-V, a very popular pick-up truck known for its Japanese reliability. Pre-owned units typically sell in 26 days on average.

#7 Suzuki Vitara

Average turnover: 26 days

Tied with Honda's HR-V in turnover days, this compact SUV from Suzuki also tends to sell very quickly.

#6 Hyundai Creta

Average turnover: 25 days

The Hyundai Creta enters the list of fast-moving cars, this time in the #6 spot. This compact van does not usually go more than a month of being bought before it is profitably sold.

#5 Hyundai Tucson

Average turnover: 24 days

Once again, Hyundai makes the list, this time with the Tucson. A very nice and useful SUV for every type of buyer.

#4 Toyota RAV4

Average turnover: 23 days

The RAV4 is an enviable pickup. It has the looks, the attitude and the stamina; and for the dealer, it has a fast turnover.

#3 Mazda 2

Average turnover: 23 days

With the same average turnover days as the Toyota RAV4, the small Mazda 2 is one of the best compact cars, and it sells fast.

#2 Toyota Tacoma

Average turnover: 20 days

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the most desirable pickup trucks, it is not surprising to see it on this list. Due to its high demand, the Tacoma usually doesn't spend more than 3 weeks advertised, everyone wants it.

#1 Mazda CX-3

Average turnover: 17 days

At the top of the list, with the fastest average selling time, is Mazda's CX-3 pick-up truck. This van is highly sought after by the type of buyer, which makes it not last long on the market before being sold.

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