Intelimotor is a platform of solutions that is accessed through the Cloud. This means that it is available to your company easily and securely 365 days a year, without software installation and on any device. Having Intelimotor in the cloud allows you to connect user devices such as PCs or smartphones to centralised resources and thus access everything from one place free of worry and memory consumption. With the Cloud, our customers can store all the information of their company virtually and it is possible to discard physical storage devices, facilitating the exchange of information in their business.


All you need is an internet connection.

Our experience guarantees you security and stability. All you need is an internet connection. You are no longer required to hire technical specialists for maintenance. You don't have to worry about backups, or maintaining expensive and redundant internet connections. We take care of everything so you can take care of your operation. Your equipment can be accessed anytime, anywhere with just a device with an internet connection.

Continuous Innovation...

At Intelimotor, the creation of new solutions is a priority. Whether it is new functionalities, services, integrations, or even new applications, Intelimotor's Product and Engineering teams are constantly working on innovation. Using emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Blockchain, RPA/IPA, Intelimotor remains and will remain a leading technology provider in the automotive industry, always focused on maximizing productivity and minimizing costs for the Automotive Dealer.

360°, 1 Place.

Everything your business needs in a single, fully integrated platform. From purchase to sale, all essential business activities are managed, automated and optimised with the help of Intelimotor.

Ease of Use

Intelimotor was created by operators, so we understand how frustrating it is when it's difficult to navigate a new system. Our intuitive, simple and visually appealing interface makes it easy to set up and use. Compared to its rival, Intelimotor's usability is simple and makes sense, things flow.

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